Aug 09

How easy it it to make beats?

Anyone who tell you making beats is easy isn’t being 100% truthful. The truth is that the ease with which you make beats is entirely dependent on a few key factors:

Your musical ability

If you are a good musician, whether it be by playing piano or by being in the high school band, you have an advantage.  you will find that it’s probably much easier for you to make beats with musical elements in them. Plus this experience may also help you when making sampled based beats.

Music Theory

Music theory is important if you decide your beat making will venture past using all samples and pre-recorded loops. Knowing what samples are in key with one another or how to add musical elements in the proper key is important to a good beat maker.

Ear for Hits

Many famous producer’s like Timbaland and Dr. Dre have very little musical theory knowledge or playing ability. So how do they make beats that sell millions of records? They have golden ears! They know when something is likely to sell based on the years of beat making experience they posses.


Early hip hop beats were born out of creative uses of existing songs. Without some level of trying to make something new from something old, hip hop might not be here today. Whenever a limit is imposed on you, do you see it as a roadblock or a challenge? If you you want to make beats bad enough, you will see every limitation as a challenge to be conquered.

Timing and Rhythm

Every great beat maker has a superior sense of timing and know how to use and abuse it. First of all we can’t forget that hip hop is a dance music. We all know that the message or raps is also a part of it, but at the core, the foundation is a music that moves out bodies as well as our minds. If it can’t be banging in a club, then whats the point? You don’t need to be able to bang on the pads in perfect time, but you better know when you’ve hit an off time beat so that you can fix it.


One of the best things to do in any genre of music making is putting your stamp on every thing you do. When you find a technique or a style that you really like, stick with it. You see all kinds of trends in hip hop. The greats have a style that is unmistakable. Say you are the creator of the Ultra-Beat-Maker Style. Record companies and artists will come to you for that instead of going to Johnny No Name.

So is it easy?

The answer is that it can be easy if you decide that you are doing this for fun first. If you think you can make a living making beats at this out of the gate and you can’t do it for fun, you will fail. Once you can make beats for fun, then learning to improve your areas of weakness will come naturally and with very little effort. And this is how you make it easy to make beats.